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And Begins The Spring Cleaning

And Begins The Spring Cleaning - Roderick Murdock

When trying to find my skates to play hockey at the park with my son and his friends, I realized that we had much too much junk piled up in the basement. That's when I decided to start our spring cleaning. It is surprising to see the amount of stuff that can accumulate over the years. Yet there was a garage sale two years ago and I had the impression that we got rid of many things which we no longer used. I guess we must have been too selective. This time I honestly believe that we will not decide with our hearts but with our heads. My son has two complete sets of skis and he hasn't skied in more than five years. One day he tried snowboarding with friends and liked it so much that he never got back on his skis. My daughter who thought only about music at one time, asked us for a guitar. Then after a few years, she wanted to try the violin. Finally when she discovered her talent was in drawing, she dumped everything else to devote himself entirely to her new passion. My wife has always been very active. She practiced dancing with a troupe for a long time. After our wedding she wanted me to take lessons too. So one day, she came back home from the place of stove repair laval with a pair of tango shoes, as if I was flexible enough to dance the tango. I would say that I no doubt have the flexibility of a floor lamp rather than a dancer. So she continued with the same dance troupe until very recently. Also, during a summer in the country, she discovered she had a talent for painting. Since then, whenever she has free time, she paints. I must admit, she's pretty good. She has even asked to sell some of her paintings, but for now, she won't sell them. I bet that if I really managed to do the cleanup that needs to be done this time, I could make her a very nice workshop where she could be comfortable painting. Who knows? Perhaps one day we'll do a show!


The author:


Hello my name is Roderick and I am a world affairs enthusiast and for a few years now by technology. First and foremost a father and married to a wonderful woman, I sit on several boards of directors and I coach several young business wolves. Ii is with great pleasure that I share my knowledge and at the same time learn from a very dynamic new generation.