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Dad’s newest interest

Dad’s newest interest - Roderick Murdock

This morning I was surprised to hear my dad talking about automated alarm system and smart home systems. We were all having breakfast in the kitchen, when all of the sudden he started to tell my wife that she needs to think about getting such a system. Both of us looked at each other in silence, wondering since when he was so up to date with everything?

Who knew that my seventy-six years old dad had developed an interest in the latest new high-tech solutions and fancy gadgets? Most of his peers barely know how to use a computer!

You noted that I didn't say a smart phone. That would be way over the line! I have not seen any of his friends using one.

 As a matter of fact, whenever I see any of them, they all complain about something. It’s either their computer, their phone or their wives. Usually they ask me for help for the first two. I like to joke around and say that I could help with their wives as well...

That’s the moment when we connect! That little dirty joke never gets old. I have said so many times and they still laugh each time they hear it. I don’t know why they do laugh at it? Is it old age? Is it boredom? It was funny at the beginning, now it had lost its authenticity, its momentum. I guess that it had become part of me, since they incorporated into their speech, whenever we meet.

Thus I turned into their friend’s son, the guy who can fix their gadgets and help with the wives - whatever that means! More than once they introduced me to some of the newcomers in their building, and they always used the exactly same words, as described above. 

To get back to my dad’s new interest, all I can say is that he has spent a lot of time online, watching all sort of videos on different topics, among which the smart home automation. He seems to be so excited about it, that he tries to convince us to get one for our house. If you would only hear him talking about it! He sounds just like a rep, trying to give you all the pros and cons. You can tell that he has been in sales all of his life. Once a salesman, always a salesman!


The author:


Hello my name is Roderick and I am a world affairs enthusiast and for a few years now by technology. First and foremost a father and married to a wonderful woman, I sit on several boards of directors and I coach several young business wolves. Ii is with great pleasure that I share my knowledge and at the same time learn from a very dynamic new generation.