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DIY Mold Removal isn’t enough

DIY Mold Removal isn’t enough - Roderick Murdock

I am a landlord in Montreal and I have leased a lot of units for rent in the area. I have received complaints regarding the mold problem in one of my older buildings. I visit the premises on a monthly basis and do all the cleaning myself as I do not have a problem doing the maintenance or cleaning with my own hands.

One of my renters called me a few days ago. The lady said that she had been observing something growing on the walls of her place but was not sure what it was exactly. She said that it was not as much in when it started and that she had barely noticed it. She started noticing it when it started to grow all over the walls of the entire place. I quickly understood what she was talking about. Again, it was mold.

I took all of my tools and protective equipment and visited the unit. What I saw was terror on lady's face. I asked her to calm down and told her that it was merely mold. I asked her if the home water system had broken in the past few days, or if she failed to keep the house clean. She told me that unit's water drainage system had ceased funcioning at some point and the water stayed stagnant for about two days. I told her that the main problem behind the growth of mold was the damage which caused by the stagnant water.

I started removing the mold but there was simply too much of it. I would have been able to it were there less mold. So, I decided to call upon the services of a professional team to clean it up. I took the telephone directory and called the professionals. They arrived very quickly, or within 30 minutes of the call.

The professional team removed the mold perfectly. I learned their methods and procedures, but I realized that DIY is not the perfect way for mold removal Montreal. The neat and clean outcome of the rental unit surprised me. After that day, I decided to never do the cleaning by myself.

Now, whenever I get complaints like the previous from my tenants, I get professional help. Their level of care and degree of cleaning is of the highest standard of quality, and they charge very competitive rates as well. I recommend everyone use the help of professionals when it comes to mold removal in Montreal.


The author:


Hello my name is Roderick and I am a world affairs enthusiast and for a few years now by technology. First and foremost a father and married to a wonderful woman, I sit on several boards of directors and I coach several young business wolves. Ii is with great pleasure that I share my knowledge and at the same time learn from a very dynamic new generation.