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SEO Is The Right Tool To Be Someone On The Internet

SEO Is The Right Tool To Be Someone On The Internet - Roderick Murdock

It is not easy to keep up with the demands of modern times when it comes to doing business. Today's business environment is globalized and needs you to think and execute quickly, not leaving any gap open for over-thinking business decisions or over-analyzing strategies to position a brand on top (or at least near the top) of notable or remarkable small businesses in the public arena. Essentially, there is no easy way to be a member of the popular kids on the internet. Or that's what I thought before learning about Search Engines Optimization, or SEO, advertising; a term that brought an exquisite alternative to me.

I own a Seattle-based online pet shop. Of course it didn't start online. A bright idea came to my mind and suddenly I was running a small pet shop providing customers with all pet-related articles from toys to food or pet care products. As it was growing the possibilities for making it an online shop suddenly emerged and it became a reality. But just then, the real challenge started. I had to erase all concepts of traditional marketing and business advertising preconceived in my mind since I was reaching a new market: the whole word. I realized there was no poorer approach to look at my business than considering it a “local” business when I had the whole internet as a client to satisfy. But it also felt challenging. Know that even if my number of customers and possibilities was going to grow, my competitors were going to grow also—in quantity and quality as well. It felt like a big responsibility having a whole world waiting for you to introduce yourself when you didn’t know how. But that feeling changed quickly.

Search Engine Optimization marketing made it easy for me to stand out of the crowd and make a profile for my business. As soon as I was explained how Search Engine Optimization worked to push a website or page to the top results of searches on the internet to gain visibility and credibility through constantly visited sites like Google, I ran for it. It became the key, low cost tool for making an image of my business on the web.

I realized using Search Engines Optimization advertising gave me the advantage to increase the credibility of my brand since everyone trusts search engines. Results are permanent and it actually it a way to be someone on the internet even when you have thousands of similar competitors (who use the same advertising techniques as well). Cost effectiveness, usability and high rate return of investment made it clear it is a must have marketing tool over other paid online advertising.

Montreal SEO advertising is definitely the key to safe, organic and affordable online advertising for your business!


The author:


Hello my name is Roderick and I am a world affairs enthusiast and for a few years now by technology. First and foremost a father and married to a wonderful woman, I sit on several boards of directors and I coach several young business wolves. Ii is with great pleasure that I share my knowledge and at the same time learn from a very dynamic new generation.